The Raoul Wallenberg International Leadership Center, New York

Inspiring over 50,000 young people since 2012

Set in a six-story brownstone in Manhattan’s East Village, The RW Leadership Center, NY brings together college students and young professionals from New York and around the world to connect, network, and discover what it means to be a leader. Featuring two floors of upscale dormitories and lounges, as well as a dining space and rooftop terrace, The RW Leadership Center, NY is a warm, welcoming oasis in the Big City, a supportive community for college students and young professionals from similar industries and educational backgrounds.

Diverse and innovative programming focuses on education, leadership, networking, and social activities. From daily seminars and workshops and weekend events to week-long educational programs, The Brownstone is its own unique, immersive experience. Programming includes high-profile speakers and scholars; networking and mentorship opportunities with leaders in business, technology, philanthropy, the arts, politics, and social services; and community volunteering, helping underprivileged and vulnerable populations, including the poor and the elderly.


Student Division

We partner with educators on campuses around the world to bring students unique Metro Adventures and Leadership Weekend Retreats that include tours of New York’s cultural and historic treasures, as well as ethics and skills development seminars.

Young Professional Division

We provide opportunities to network with professionals, artists, politicians, and activists who are committed to improving their respective communities and the world at large. Workshops, classes, and social events encourage intellectual growth and life-skills development.

The Raoul Wallenberg International Leadership Center, Tel Aviv

Based on the success of The Brownstone New York, The Brownstone Tel Aviv is an up-and-coming destination for young professionals and international students. Set in a landmark building in the American Colony-Neve Tzedek, The Brownstone TA is currently in the building stages, with programming already underway including educators and a full-time staff.

Mentorships, internships, prominent speakers, and social and educational programming, college students and young professionals will make valuable connections, build relationships, and actualize their leadership potential.

Much like Manhattan, Tel Aviv has become a world leader in culture and creativity, a hub of innovation in technology, the arts, and social entrepreneurship. The RW Leadership Center, TV will be an incubator for these exciting new ideas, encouraging and supporting young professionals by introducing them to the people and resources they need to build or grow their business, and to bring their dreams to life. Here they can network, meet like-minded people, and develop their potential.


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