The Raoul Wallenberg Legacy Organization

A common characteristic among successful people is that they truly believe they can make a difference. 

In a society dominated by cynics and critics who quash the dreams of those who truly want to make the world a better place, we are determined to support, build and instill the qualities that empower future generations to embrace idealism.

We do this through classes, trainings, mentoring, networking and a range of events at our Leadership Centers in New York and Tel Aviv. 

Our Guiding Tenets: 

  • Recognizing the qualities and character that money can’t buy
  • The far-reaching Power of One

"There are always ways to make a

dent in the universe."

– Steve Jobs

Character is King

Self-worth is not synonymous with net worth, and the things that create happiness are not things. This is a deep value we are committed to imparting to young people. Building good character requires attributes such as integrity, honesty, humility and maintaining a moral compass regardless of the questionable influences of the outside world.

The Power of One

When Raoul Wallenberg decided to do what was right as opposed to what may have been more comfortable, he was marginalized by his own family and his society. He did it anyway.


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